The Perfect Extrusion Temperature



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    Larry Kent

    Having owned my printer now for two years and only using it the weeks between my courses I have not printed as much as other have.  I have since graduated.  I belong to a maker-space and found it interesting the quality difference between my prints and that of others, those using different machines. 

    I will say the information provided here is helpful making a difference in my print quality.  I have by experimentation zoomed into the fact that 0.16 mm and 0.27 mm were good layer printing heights; a little different from what is suggested here.  The print speed is the real secret.  I was having such a hard time printing anything of quality without a lot of trial and error, also confounded using only top quality material, forced to buying the most accurately size as my machine would not use any other.  I was paying crazy prices for material that is accurate to .02 mm, to prevent jams.  I have been experiencing this issue for quite some time, when the material was just a little out of tolerance a jam or skip resulting in a undesirable print.  

    If anyone else is experiencing jams and skips I shall suggest you look at the hardware on the head.  Even so everything looked good with accurate material, all seemed to be working, yet I was frustrated by not being able to utilize my boxes of everyday PLA. 

    I inspected the head often however even though it all looked OK I having checked the hardware many times before nothing felt loose, this day I put a Allen wrench to it again this time getting 1/2 turn out of the bolt back to snug.  This made all the difference, this bolt holding the bearing, the one pressing against the drive roller, the one attached to the release arm. If this hardware is just loose a smidgen it may be enough to make your machine very picky about material size.   

    I am printing outstanding quality prints now, a happy camper I might say, now putting this Type A Machine through its paces.  This machine is getting a work out as I work my way through those boxes of everyday PLA I got for Christmas last year.  

    Happy Printing. 

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